Pinkmare (pinkmare) wrote in fat_love,

BBW = desperate creatures of pure fat

BBW's are sexually desperate.

So are the guys who chase after them. ESPECIALLY attractive guys who are just too shy to go after physically more attractive (skinnier) women.

Seriously: what is sexually attractive in a female who has rolls all over her body? What is sexually attractive knowing this person will die from health problems?

I used to be the guy who went fter BBWs. I was brainwashed into thinking they were actually hot.

Now that I grew up and found someone skinnier, I realize I made a huge mistake going after BBWs.

BBWs have huge health problems (heart issues, back issues, KNEE issues, just to name a few). They are also quite limited in bed due to their chunky rolls. In addition, BBWs also have huge mental issues. They *generally* (rightfully so) see themselves as pretty ugly.

BBWS, I urge you to loose weight for your own PHYSICAL and MENTAL safety. You'll also find guys will want you more in bed too.
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